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Pioneers in innovation.

Antonini Srl s mission is to continue to be the bastion of craftsmanship in the production of high-quality ovens for glass processing, serving the global market with customized products made by expert and dedicated hands.

The art of glass processing, handed down from generation to generation, combines with high technology to create ovens of unparalleled quality.


Traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation allow us to provide solutions of excellence. Despite being global leaders, we remain attached to our artisanal heritage, aware that this is our main strength.

Antonini Srl: A Story of Excellence and Innovation

Welcome to the story of Antonini Srl, a tale of commitment, innovation, and tradition.

Our company, with deep roots in post-war Italy of 1946, represents a symbol of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by Fosco Antonini, a man of humble origins but great determination, Antonini Srl started as a small workshop, transforming into a global leader in the field of industrial furnaces for hollow glass.

Our company grew thanks to the work ethic and vision of Fosco, a man who, despite coming from a simple agricultural background, was able to embrace the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. His commitment to excellence and quality laid the foundation for an enterprise that would revolutionize the industrial furnace sector.

Over the years, Antonini Srl has been guided by a vision that transcends mere production. Our story is interwoven with values of humility, patience, and honesty, a legacy of our founder. These principles have shaped not only our work ethic but also our approach to human relations, both inside and outside the company.

Barbara and Francesca Antonini, with their vivid and affectionate memories, recall how the family was at the center of every activity. The family bond and shared commitment played a key role in the development and growth of the company.

Under the guidance of Massimo and Cesare, Antonini Srl expanded its reach internationally, entering markets from Asia to North Africa. This expansion introduced a global perspective to the company, while maintaining firm roots and core values.

Today, Antonini Srl is recognized as a leader in the field of industrial furnaces for hollow glass, holding a significant market share. This success is the result of our unique approach, which combines meticulousness, care, and attention to detail with the adoption of the most modern technologies. Each furnace produced is the fruit of our passion and dedication, merging artisanal tradition with technological innovation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our history. We hope that, through our products, you can perceive the same passion, dedication, and love that have inspired Fosco Antonini since 1946.

The Antonini Family.

La nostra storia | Chi Siamo - Antonini Srl La nostra storia | Chi Siamo - Antonini Srl

Excellence at your service.

I nostri valori. | Antonini Srl

Tradition and Craftsmanship

Since 1946, Antonini Srl has been synonymous with excellence in the glass sector. Our story, which began in Empoli as a small artisanal business, merges with the very history of glass processing, and our success is living proof that respect for traditions is the key to creating a world-leading enterprise. Each of our products is the result of the passion and dedication of our craftsmen. The art of glass processing, handed down from generation to generation, joins with high technology to create products of unparalleled quality and reliability. We believe that our success is directly linked to the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we offer a full range of dedicated services, from design to after-sales. Our motto 'INSTALL AND FORGET' reflects our dedication to providing high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.

Specialized Workforce

Our team ensures that every product coming out of our workshops reflects Antonini Srl s quality standards, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously invest in research and development of new products and solutions.


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